HYPE: Australia Merch Store Launch

Written by on May 7, 2020

Surprise! We are oh-so-excited to announce that we’ve launched our very own merch shop in Australia! Ever since our UK store launch, we’ve been working hard to offer Critters better merch options, and next up is our AU store

For our Australian Critters, we’re pleased to be able to offer you an option for more affordable shipping costs with quicker shipping times, as well as reduce the possibility of additional customs fees. We’re also hyped to work with your local transit and supply solutions to contribute to the Australian economy.

For Critters outside of the US, UK, and AU, this store gives you another option which, depending on your distance from the Land Down Undah (imagine Sam saying that with his fantasticAustralian” accent), might provide a cheaper or quicker shipping option. Be sure to compare the fees across our US, UK, and AU checkouts to see which is the best option for you and remember to consider any possible customs fees you may encounter on international orders.

As we expand our fulfillment centers globally, one of the things we are most excited about is growing ourselves into a more sustainable business. Shorter shipping distances mean lower carbon emissions, making for a happier planet (in addition to happier Critters)! 

At the time of launch, the AU store is carrying our Orphan Maker Band T-Shirt, Tal’Dorei Republic Snapback, Tal’Dorei Republic Cap, Cobalt Journal, Tal’Dorei Minky Blanket, Mighty Nein Crest Pin (Critical Role Pin #3), and The Traveler is My Co-Pilot Bumper Sticker. This is just the beginning! You can expect more of our products to be available via the AU store in the coming months, as well as look forward to unified releases across all three stores of some of our new products.

Check out the store now at shop.critrole.com.au and feel free to contact our awesome support team with any questions at support@critrole.com.

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