FAN ART GALLERY: Home for the Holidays

Written by on December 25, 2020

The holidays are hitting differently this December. We’ve all been struggling with the difficulties of an impossible year, trying to navigate a world where many of the things we often take for granted are starkly absent. It’s never been more apparent how much we need one another, now that we’ve been separated in a host of different ways.

We’ve had to forgo a lot. But I take comfort in knowing that the love and care we all harbor is still very much alive and well, traveling through computer screens like so many Sending spells. It will be a quieter holiday this year, to be sure, but I hope and pray that every one of us can find comfort from each other across the distances between us. Many of the trappings of friendship have been stripped away, but the connections still hold.

At this year’s end, we’re more grateful than ever for this story we get to share. It has been a blessing for us, being able to tell it still. To have somewhere to go together, even if it’s mostly been in our minds. And we’re doubly thankful that you all are right there with us week after week, laughing for a few hours and enjoying a little adventure on a Thursday night. And the songs, the stories, the jokes, and the art you all create in return is a constant gift. Seeing your creativity never fails to brighten our days.

This holiday gallery is no exception. I hope it warms your heart as much as it has mine.

Thank you artists. And thank you, Critters, far and wide. We’ll come together again soon.




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