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The good vibes continue with another character playlist inspired by Exandria Unlimited! ExU playlists drop on Wednesdays so check back here each week for some sweet sweet tunes!

These playlists are curated carefully by each of the Exandria Unlimited cast members. All of our playlists can be found on Spotify via the official Critical Role account or you can listen to the playlist directly embedded below.

This week’s playlist was curated by the incredible Anjali Bhimani and inspired by her flaming monk, Fy’ra Rai. Over to you, Anjali!



Songs for fiery spirits, far wanderers traveling from and through exotic lands to find their people and their place, and those ready to step into their power. Some of my personal favorite songs ever. Play for inspiration, whether to dream and connect with your soul within or to fire it up and kick some ass.

The Feeling Begins by Peter Gabriel

I fell in love with this whole soundtrack in college, and this first song is wildly evocative to me. I imagine this playing as Fy’ra is traveling before we meet her, or hurtling through time and space to arrive where we first meet her, even though, as we know from Fearne, time is a weird soup. One of my favorite songs – evoking a yearning that is so strong in your bones you can’t help but follow.

Ever So Lonely by Sheila Chandra

Another beautiful fusion artist, Sheila Chandra is a protegée of Peter Gabriel’s as well. Somehow more of the “World music” genre seems to feel right when I think of Fy’ra Rai… There is something unplaceable about her, her accent, her customs… I think of her having picked them up from all over the world of Exandria as well as her home, long long ago. And yet, there is the loneliness of traveling alone… Through life and through Exandria.

Knock Me Out by Vintage Trouble

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. A challenge to anyone, and to the universe… “I dare you to knock me out.” Incidentally, this is an INCREDIBLE workout song and possibly the only song in the world that makes me not hate running… I feel like a total badass whenever I listen to it and HAVE to rock out to it. I can see this playing when Fy’ra first shows up in a battle – her version of “go ahead…make my day.”

Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

No, maybe it’s not the intention that Ed Sheehan had writing this song, but much like the substance he’s writing about, I feel like this is the experience Fy’ra Rai has when she connects with her personal gift. I can see her finding the thrill in it but also being a bit dependent on it. I also just love the driving but dreamy tone underneath this song… You’ll notice a lot of the songs I’ve chosen for her have that in them.

Barefoot (Live) by k.d. lang

Haunting and yearning and full of love… Fy’ra is so full of duty and love, even if she keeps it close to her heart. k.d. lang’s voice on this song is so simple and yet so haunting, it makes me ache inside. Plus the image of someone walking barefoot through the snow just to reach their loved one’s door is somehow more poignant to me when I think of someone of Fy’ra Rai’s background attempting it – hair aflame, feet frozen.

Burning Up by Jessie J, 2 Chainz

Okay, yes…. This one is a bit on the nose. But as grounded as she seems, even Fy’ra needs to cut loose now and then. I can see this playing during battle while she feels the rush of combat or when dancing her ass off with that fire hair. (If only she’d taken the opportunity to let loose a little more in that small town in Exandria when she had the chance…shhhhhh)

Only A Man by Jonny Lang

I love love love this song about a lost soul finding his way through spirit. And to me, this is much of Fy’ra’s journey once we learn more about where she has come from and how she connects to a particular place in Exandria. (No spoilers no spoilers!)

Dante’s Prayer – Live by Loreena McKennitt

“Cast Your eyes on the ocean/cast your soul to the sea/When the dark night seems endless, please remember me.” Another song speaking to Fy’ra’s inner longings. And another artist I fell in love with in college. I love her combination of gaelic/celtic sounds with those from the Middle East and other regions, as well as how she weaves classic texts in and out of her songs. I imagine Fy’ra wishing she could be a spellcaster and beam this into the mind of one of the characters in this story, based on the playlists we did… Although you’ll have to figure out who.

Fire Woman by The Cult

I mean, do I need to explain this one? Fire Woman, That’s it. That’s the explanation.

(It was Either this or Girl on Fire, but a) Fy’ra Rai is DEFINITELY a woman, not a girl, and b) The Cult was the first band I ever saw live in concert, so I’m partial to this song over that one. Although it was all I could do to keep from singing that Alicia Keys song for most of the time I was playing.)

What About Us by P!nk

Okay… I can’t really explain this choice without a) spoilers for the audience and b) giving away a little bit of Fy’ra’s backstory that the other players don’t even really know about yet. But I will say that P!nk is about the most badass human being alive – a mind blowing singer, a fearless aerialist, a powerful businesswoman, an incredible mother and wife, and a beautiful human – so in that sense I think she and Fy’ra Rai have an awful lot in common in their hearts, if not necessarily in the actual life roles they play.

All I Want Is You by U2

One of the simplest and most beautiful love songs there is. I imagine if Fy’ra were to declare her love to someone, romantic or otherwise, this would be the way she would do it. Simple, to the point, and full of all the power in her heart.


Rocking Gypsies by Willie and Lobo (Flamenco Guitar Version)

Okay, title of this song aside, I LOVE everything about it – and since Fy’ra Rai first met the party while I was traveling in Spain, I had this song and genre on my mind. So throw it on your speakers or headphones, close your eyes, and imagine a wild and magnificent journey…slow burn, romantic, sad, exciting, powerful. frenetic…basically the journey of our characters in Exandria. I just love this song, so I figured let’s give it to you all in case this playlist left you wanting more… Either more music or more Fy’ra Rai. 😉

Official character art by Hannah Friederichs (@agarthanguide)

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