Critical Recap: Critical Role C3E64 “Reunited”

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Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 64 Reunited!


Imogen attempts to use the staff found in Molaesmyr to teleport Team Wildemount to Jrusar, but two very low rolls result in the team taking heavy force damage in the tumultuous space between space. Instead of Jrusar, they find themselves landing near the mountain township of Vol’antim high in the peaks of the Cyrios Mountains in the Dwendalian Empire. A group of armored eisfuura approaches, angered by the trespassers.

The guards attempt to capture them with nets, but Imogen explains that they are only here by accident and just want to leave. The guards shroud their eyes and lead them away from the city, but FCG is panicking due to the birds and his high stress points. Deanna tries a divine intervention, but the Dawnfather does not respond. Imogen relaxes FCG with calm emotions.

Upon landing safely, F.R.I.D.A. kisses FCG, which calms them enough to move their stress points out of the danger zone. Unfortunately, the staff does not have enough charges for them to teleport again, so they camp for the night. F.R.I.D.A. casts detect thoughts on a sleeping FCG, finding an immovable intent to kill that feels intrusive within FCG’s personality. They see someone building FCG, things being enchanted in his head.


Morning comes and Imogen once more attempts to teleport. This time, they arrive safely in Jrusar at night. Ruidus is locked in the sky above the mountains, stuck in a flaring state with the red beam below it. The entire city is under heightened security, the magical lights diminished, and people are on edge. Deanna scries on Laudna, who is in a cave. Imogen is overjoyed to confirm Laudna’s safety, but sending is still not working.

They head to the Soot and Swill tavern to see if Laudna left word at any of their old haunts. They talk to Pretty, who is happy to see them but hasn’t heard from anyone else. It’s been a strange few days, with a lot of strangers around and the obvious moon weirdness. Some of the gondolas have stopped working, making travel difficult. They leave and notice numerous battleships cluttered and parked at the Aerie Spire and docked at nearby mountains.

A Quorum representative is using a magical platform, a brumeskipper, to help move people around the city. There is a long line, but Imogen convinces the representative that they are here on business from the King and Queen of Uthodurn. Fearne wildshapes into a raccoon dog so everyone can fit on the brumeskipper and they make it to the Core Spire.


The group goes to the Spire By Fire, which is being utilized as temporary soldier barracks. Imogen casts detect thoughts, picking up on the soldiers’ anxiety and lack of information. They are from all over, with symbols from the Menagerie Coast and Tal’Dorei. The soldiers are kept in the dark on details but are running a perimeter down to the grounding site. They’ll get more orders on arrival and will march in two hours.

Imogen goes outside and looks at Ruidus, feeling that faint pull. She messages Zhudanna, the landlady, who has not seen Laudna. But this success further confirms that sending works over short distances. Inside, F.R.I.D.A. gives Imogen a drink and tells her that home can be people. They think Imogen will be home soon. Meanwhile, a tree opens in a garden in the Lucent Spire, welcoming Team Issylra to Jrusar.


Prism is still hang-gliding via Mother the raven. She thought she was going to a different place than the others, but doesn’t mind still being with them for now. She wants to study the red beam beneath Ruidus and find information about the gods and eidolons. The others suggest that she could go to the Starpoint Conservatory or Prakash Pyre and study; she plans to lie and say she’s a high-ranking Cobalt Soul member.

They board the working gondola and interrogate a courier, who tells them that the solstice was very celebratory and no one was shunted. The Quorum notified the citizens that they made alliances due to the moon and to expect strangers and increased security. Prism invites Laudna to the Shadow Realm to celebrate the Night of Ascension – a holiday for the Matron of Ravens.

When the group arrives at the Spire By Fire, they spot their friends at a table. Laudna and Imogen rush to each for a hug, while Orym springs into the air, throwing himself at Fearne (who is still a raccoon dog). Introductions circle the table, with Fearne announcing that a threesome occurred and Imogen making it clear she was not involved. Prism tells them all that she punched a man to death. They decide to speak privately in one of their rented rooms.


Orym informs the others that they traveled with someone from the Ruby Vanguard who betrayed them. Team Issylra had a terrible experience the whole time, while Team Wildemount had high points and low points. Prism and Laudna mention killing an angel of the Dawnfather and freeing the town from the god’s militaristic presence. Deanna leaves the room. Laudna points out that it was transactional and Orym says he has never seen a church control a town like this before.

Team Wildemount settled Chetney’s conflict with Oltgar and met the King and Queen of Uthodurn. FCG met his god, the Changebringer, who made him feel special. FCG thinks the gods are people who make mistakes and who need help right now. Team Issylra met eidolons while Team Wildemount traveled to the Savalirwood and found information about Ludinus within his tower in Molaesmyr.

Orym, Laudna, and Ashton are surprised to meet another Aeormaton in F.R.I.D.A. and to learn that FCG’s name is Faithful Care-Giver. F.R.I.D.A. was assigned to protect the Malleus Key in Aeor – the device that Ludinus is copying or was inspired by. F.R.I.D.A. and FCG are also a couple now. F.R.I.D.A. explains to the others that they were missed and plays a recording of Imogen saying that Laudna is spooky beautiful.


Meanwhile, Deanna has set up a commune ritual in another room. She communes with the Dawnfather, asking her god if working with Bells Hells will actually save them. The Dawnfather is uncertain. She then asks if his disciples are perpetuating harm in this world at his behest. He says that his disciples do what is necessary for the good of people collectively and for Exandria’s future.

Deanna’s last question to her god, seething and intense: “Are you worth saving?” She is thrust out of her communion with immense force, throwing her back. Deanna returns to the others, who are discussing the nexus points, of which there were twenty-three across Exandria before the solstice. Prism suspects that the information they have about Predathos might be rooted in mythos and filtered through the gods’ point of view. Ludinus’ notes mentioned the temples wanting them to avoid Ruidus.


Prism and Deanna are willing to gather information together, even in Vasselheim. Prism can use her fake status as a Cobalt Soul member and Deanna is a cleric, so they could work in tandem. Orym asks Deanna to scry on Keyleth using the remnants of the message bloom that she once gave him. Deanna’s powers are momentarily gated from her, but the spell works.

Deanna sees Keyleth in her bedroom in Zephrah. She nearly falls, still weak and wounded from the fight. The numerous lacerations on her body are not healing. She is told to rest, but Keyleth says she needs to speak with others. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Keyleth gets up and caresses a black feather hanging from a tapestry, then leaves the room.

Deanna casts Mending on the message bloom, reforming it and returning it to Orym. It is likely the toxin that Otohan uses that is keeping Keyleth from healing. Deanna also informs them that resurrection magic is not working right now. Prism and Deanna can go research while the others return to the Tishtan Excavation Site. Maybe the Ashari druids could have some information.


Though F.R.I.D.A. is torn on where to go, they can’t lose Deanna and don’t trust Prism. They promise FCG that they will make their way back to him. FCG considers flipping a coin to decide where to go, to Orym’s chagrin – but Laudna reminds him to let FCG make their own choice. FCG knows what to do, though. He has to save his god, so she can help people. They decide not to flip the coin and go with Bells Hells.

Prism and FCG talk to each other about trust. FCG truly cares about F.R.I.D.A., who has truly made him want to live his life and be happy. Since they don’t have time to build trust, Prism promises FCG that she will bring F.R.I.D.A. back, as long as FCG promises that they will bring her new best friend Orym back, too. They agree to this deal and Prism teaches FCG how to smoke, giving them a pack of cigarettes.


Farewells are said throughout the group. F.R.I.D.A. tells Chetney that they look up to him and appreciate being reminded to stay hungry. Chetney tells them that if they turn into a werewolf, he’s there for them. Deanna reminds Imogen to give Laudna her corset. Imogen gives Prism her Starpoint Conservatory letter, since Prism can disguise herself. Ashton hugs Deanna and tells her to pay attention to who she wants to be.

Deanna and Imogen will try to keep in touch and communicate. Imogen tells F.R.I.D.A. that they’re one of the best people she knows. They tell her to hold fast to her laughter in the storm, playing the sound for her. F.R.I.D.A. goes to FCG and kisses him, exchanging I love you’s. They will see each other soon. Deanna casts death ward on both Chetney and Fearne.

Laudna thinks she and Prism are close friends now. Prism says that Laudna’s greatest strength is in overcoming all her pain and still being so trusting – that’s what Prism has learned from her. She casts enlarge on Orym, making him 6’6”, and gives Ashton some paper to help them meditate through writing. As the three of them leave together, Deanna begins covering up every symbol of the Dawnfather on her armor.

That is it for Episode 64 of Critical Role!


  • Deanna confronting the Dawnfather was absolutely incredible. What a moment!
  • The fact that Aabria gave Liam that seed as his DM in ExU and then he gave it to her for sending… poetic RPGing.
  • Amazing job Aabria Iyengar, Christian Navarro, and Emily Axford!!! Can’t wait to have you all back to play!!

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