Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E126 “Worth Fighting For”

Written by on February 24, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 126 Worth Fighting For!


In the morning, Beau and Caleb locate a new eye for each of them – Caleb’s second red eye is between his shoulder blades, while Beau’s is on the back of her neck, right over her own jade eye tattoo. Neither one feels any different, but they wonder if the eyes are a ticking clock.

Fjord asks Caleb about the Tombtakers’ blood magic – Caleb knows it to be Hemocraft, a magical art using blood as a focus for spells, leading to its practice being misunderstood and looked down upon by society. The Claret Orders are the keeper of the art but their nomadic lifestyle makes them a hard organization to locate. Fjord reveals the mark on his chest, a magical brand courtesy of Lucien that glows red with divination glyphs. Both Caleb and Jester try to dispel it, but the brand remains on Fjord’s skin.

Talk turns to plans, so Caduceus explains his own dream from last night and his desire to return to the Blooming Grove. He thinks the forest holds a connection to what they’re fighting. His dream connected the Savalirwood to the Aeor ruins and mimicked the Living City. He wonders if it was a premonition or simply showing him his path’s importance. Jester contacts Caduceus’s father, Cornelius, who confirms the Grove is fine but also mentions having weird dreams.


The Nein resolve to visit the Blooming Grove soon, but first they’ll speak to Astrid about procuring more anti-scrying amulets. Jester messages her to meet them at the dance hall at dusk. Astrid agrees, sending her thanks to Caleb. The group goes shopping, stocking up on various components. Yasha buys a balm that claims to keep her from being scryed upon, but pays far too much for it. Fjord and Jester attempt to sell the Ring of Fire Resistance, but the jewelers try to lie and lowball them, which Jester calls them out on. The two agree to hold onto the ring until they can find someone who will purchase it for its actual value.

Beau runs into Veth at a flower stand. Veth was buying a flower for Beau to give to Yasha. Beau, who came here for the same reason, is overwhelmed by Veth’s kind gesture. Beau opens up about her nerves for the date. Veth thinks she’s going to do great and suggests planning a moment to be open and honest with Yasha. Beau gives Caleb her list of ideas for the tower date – he takes umbrage with one of them but will do it anyway, despite his disapproval.


The Nein disguise themselves at the dance hall and Caleb meets with Astrid. The two dance and discuss Eiselcross, with Astrid revealing that Volstruckers tracked the Nein all the way to their first eagle flight near the Allowak Sanctuary. She tells him to be careful, as Ludinus is aware that something happened with Vess – no one has heard from her in weeks and the Nein were the last to leave with her. The Cerberus Assembly knows the Nein are in town.

Caleb wants to trust Astrid, but they both know that’s not entirely possible for their own safety. Caleb asks her to procure him more scrying amulets. He and the Nein are caught in a danger beyond politics that involves the survival of the entire realm. He promises, as the boy he once was and the love the three of them shared, that he means no harm against the Empire or her.

Astrid is clearly affected by his words and tells him she will see what she can do. She warns him of the eyes on him and hints that now could be a good opportunity to dispose of Trent, if Caleb strikes first. She leaves and Beau tracks Astrid to an alley, where she sits in a ball, possibly crying for about five minutes before regaining her composure and heading to the Candles.


The Nein convene at an inn to discuss the conversation with Astrid. Caleb explains that Astrid will look into the necklaces and they will have to check in with her tomorrow. He tells them that Volstruckers tracked them to the mountains but is unsure of just how many details Astrid has. The Cerberus Assembly knows the Mighty Nein are in town. Beau tells them about Astrid’s sadness in the alley and Caleb reveals her encouragement to take out Trent right now. Caleb wants him dead, but there is so much else to do and he worries that this is a trap.

If Trent dies, it is possible that Astrid, Eodwulf, or even Caleb might fill his seat. Killing Trent ties the Nein to the deaths of two Assembly members. Beau questions whether Astrid was crying because she misses Caleb or because she’s setting him up. Jester casts commune, summoning Artagan. She asks if this is a trap, but Artagan can’t tell what Astrid is feeling. He calls her duplicitous by nature and an opportunist. He confirms that the Blooming Grove isn’t in any immediate danger, but his answer about killing Trent is inconclusive as to whether or not it’s in their favor.

Jester and Veth think Astrid is conflicted and still in love with Caleb, while Fjord thinks she sees Caleb as capable of doing what she’s afraid to do. Veth takes issue with them making decisions based on their assumptions of what Astrid might feel. What do they think is right? Caleb worries that if she filled Trent’s place, things might not improve much. Veth only cares about Caleb and wants him to confront  Trent for closure. Caleb is focused on the world being in danger. They need to finish what they started, then kill Trent. Deciding to rest and talk to Astrid tomorrow, Caleb casts the tower and pushes Beau and Yasha inside. It’s time for a date.


Yasha and Beau recover from the surprise, agreeing to seize the moment. Frumpkin takes them to the second floor, where amber dachshunds await. As Yasha gives scritches, a pop up book stage rolls out, recreating The Nestled Nook tavern. Beau explains that she wanted to start over with Yasha, so thought they could revisit some favorite spots. They have a drink and Yasha explains why she bought the scrying balm: to hide their date from Lucien. She’s had a lot of people in her head and she doesn’t want to give them Beau. Beau hopes Yasha doesn’t harbor guilt for her actions when she wasn’t herself. Though both are still haunted by those days, they’re eager to make new pleasant memories together.

The second site is a picnic in a meadow, created by painted curtains and green silks. Yasha describes meeting Molly and the two reminisce about their first meeting. Talk turns to Zeenoth’s arrest, which gave Beau a sense of resolve and removed her final reservations with the Cobalt Soul. They tell each other that they don’t have any expectations for their date, but Yasha explains things changed for her in Kamordah, when she met Beau’s family and got a glimpse of everything she went through. Yasha fell in love with Beau in Kamordah. She doesn’t have expectations, but she wants Beau to know how proud she is of the person she’s become.

Beau tells her the feeling is mutual and that the fear of losing their new family is what caused Beau to sabotage herself in Kamordah – to not have to deal with it falling apart. Yasha too is scared to lose everyone – she can’t survive that again. She’s discovered her purpose: to protect and keep others safe. They agree that they both really want to kiss each other. So they do.

Frumpkin summons Beau’s requested ninjas (complete with doberman heads.) The two destroy the ninjas, capping it off when Yasha bamfs out her wings and scoops Beau into a flying kiss. Frumpkin leads them to the last section – a spa that mimics the Steam’s Respite, including water slides and lionesses that offer massages, a special gift from Caleb. The two cuddle together in the hot tub, watching an illusory fireworks display. Beau tells Yasha that she loves her too. When they later retire to Beau’s room, Beau notices that the stained glass mirror that depicts the Nein has changed ever so slightly – to show Beau and Yasha holding hands.

That is it for Episode 126 of Critical Role!


  • Did I start crying again while writing about the date? Yes. Yes I did.
  • Lots to think about with Astrid and Trent. Hopefully she comes through with the amulets.
  • Time is ticking and eyes keep appearing. Empire Kids, what are you to do?
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 127 on Thursday, February 25th at 7pm Pacific on and or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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