Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E116 “Under Timeless Ice”

Written by on November 18, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 116 Under Timeless Ice!


Promising to message Dagen should trouble head his way, The Mighty Nein leave their guide outside as they descend into the tunnel leading to the A5 Aeorian excavation site. Veth scouts ahead, aided by Beau’s night vision goggles (due to having lost her darkvision in the transformation from goblin to halfling.) She leads the group to an antechamber made of curved ice, where the vestiges of an abandoned encampment remain. A partially frozen drow corpse shows signs of death indicating Lucien’s handiwork. Jester chops his head off, in case they need to cast speak with dead on him later.

Veth continues to scout ahead, going through the narrow opening. The slick passageway leads to a cracked wall with a small opening, just big enough for a person to crawl through. Beyond is only darkness. She messages Caduceus (an adventure in and of itself) and he recommends that she wait for the others. The others make their way down and join her, with Caleb sending Frumpkin and dancing lights inside to scope it out. It’s a very large chamber decorated with very elaborate arcane patterns, meant for beauty over function. The Nein enter, discovering that the room has been turned on its side – one door is in the ceiling and another is 10 ft off the ground on the opposite wall.

They decide to investigate both entrances. The one on the wall leads to an extremely cold passageway that continues at a downward angle, so they turn their attention to the one on the ceiling before going further. Caleb uses his boots to fly a rope to the top so the others can climb up. Within is a partially collapsed chamber, with the majority of the room under rubble, as well as strange striations under the ice…and a massive ice spider, watching them from its perch among the stalactites. The Nein panic and retreat back down the rope. With the aid of a fly spell from Fjord and Star Razor, Jester casts stone shape, covering the doorway but for a few inches. The entire time, the spider never moved.


Thoroughly unsettled, the Nein journey through the archway in the wall. The descent is steep and slick with ice, as well as freezing cold. They use the rope for balance, with Jester flying down first to hold one end, bracing herself against the closed double doors. Caleb makes his way down successfully but Cad, following behind and halfway down, notices a strange pulsing blue light, covered in ice crystals – an ice elemental. The group is attacked by nine of these elementals, who focus on the very large and very warm firbolg.

As the fight rages, Beau notices that the four tall braziers each have a small slot within, like an empty shelf, with an evocation glyph. At her word, Caleb channels Widogast’s web of fire into the braziers, lighting them up. Once all four are lit, the double doors behind Jester swing open. Cad is looking rough from the beating of the elementals, even as the Nein slowly whittle away their numbers. Fjord, taking a gamble, drops the rope and slides down the slope, grabbing Caduceus and casting thunder step, destroying the last of the elementals in the process.

Unfortunately, Fjord’s rescue of Caduceus causes Veth to fall from the rope. She slides down and into the next chamber, but the floor of this ceremonial room has bottomed out. So Veth plummets, falling 270 ft. Luckily, feather fall saves the day and she lands safely among spikes and debris. Veth confirms that she’s alright, but she is then swiftly attacked by two black puddings. Her screams alert the Nein, who fly down as polymorphed eagles to save her. They attack the oozes from a distance, with Cad, Caleb, and Fjord taking ranged shots until both puddings expire.


Lit by a delightful celebone, the Nein fly down to the floor, discovering a pathway that eagle!Jester opens up more by clawing away the ice. Within is a long hallway lit by orbs affixed to the wall, evenly spaced apart. As they journey down the hall, they see a pile in the center of the hallway, bodies from a bloodbath that were left here in the aftermath of the fight. These bodies are all wearing Dynasty clothing and were killed recently.

They continue down the hallway, coming to the final set of lights and an iron door set into the wall. The door has no handles, but it does have another empty shelf, similar to the braziers. Caleb can tell that the glyph within is abjuration based, but it’s incomplete. He and Caduceus believe that they need Vess’s eye tattoo to open the door, so he takes her out of the amber vault. However, placing her hand inside does nothing.

Fjord places his hand inside and casts armor of agathys, an abjuration based spell. The energy shoots into the glyphs, causing them to glow. Caleb follows, casting shield at first and then second level. This fills the glyphs and the door opens into a huge circular chamber lit by a bright blue light that projects from the center of the ceiling. The light is coming from a blue gem that sits 30 ft in the air.

Down in the chamber, they see a small encampment and a heated fight. Two figures are cut down and the Nein watch as a third is lifted into the air by a figure. The woman screams and nine points of light emerge from the figure holding her up as her scream is cut short. The figure is Lucien, who looks over at the Nein and apologizes. They’re early and he’d been hoping to clean up.

That is it for Episode 116 of Critical Role!


  • Holy shit y’all! They found him! They found MolLucieNagon! WHO IS HE??
  • This Aeor site went through some nonsense. Rooms on their side? Floors opening up into pits? Something baaad happened here.
  • Here’s hoping this conversation goes well. Hopefully it’s a conversation and not a battle. *Please* don’t fight the Nonagon.
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

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