Critical Recap: Critical Role C2E112 “The Chase Begins”

Written by on October 21, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Critical Recap! I’m Dani Carr, the Critical Role Lore Keeper. Let’s dive into our recap of Critical Role Episode 112 The Chase Begins!


Reeling from her scrying spell, Jester quickly informs the rest of the Mighty Nein that Mollymauk is alive and trudging through a blizzard, likely with Cree. She wants to message him, but the others think it’s better to wait. This Molly is likely more of a Lucien than a Molly, so it might be better to wait and see him in person. Molly didn’t try to contact them, so it’s possible he doesn’t remember them. The note they left is no longer there.

Jester uses her Charm of Plant Command to talk to the ground, making the acquaintance of a delightful patch of crabgrass she names Henry. Henry tells her that a small group of chanting people dug out a body around 50 days ago. Jester and Yasha pet Henry (with consent) while they all discuss what to do about Molly. Teleportation is out but they can keep tabs on the Tombtakers through scrying. This gives them time to plan and find him first.

They wonder about Vess’s connection to the Tombtakers – did she hire them? Did they hire her? There was a book, but it’s unclear who has the book now. Beau thinks they’re both chasing after the same thing in Aeor. They decide to go to Rexxentrum to talk about all this with Vess in person and see about moving their timetable up. They teleport to the Rexxentrum Cobalt Soul and throw more money at their tailors to hire more hands for their clothing commissions, which will now finish by morning.


The Nein meet with Vess in her tower to convince her to move their trip up. Vess confirms that yes, she hired the Tombtakers a few years ago as her bodyguards for trips to Molaesmyr and Eiselcross. They were one of many groups she has hired in the past. Vess stopped working with them, as they were shady and she wanted people less shady and less ambitious, with ideals more in line with the Empire. There was indeed a purple tiefling named Lucien.

Because Vess asks, they tell her that they’ve had dealings with Lucien before and that they know the Tombtakers will be in the area. She doesn’t consider the group a threat, but if they’ve gained new knowledge or new Dynasty allies…point taken. Vess agrees to leave as soon as their clothing commissions are done. They mention that Pumat Sol needs a few days for Caduceus’s armor but she tells them she’ll talk to Pumat, sending a wave of fear through the group.

They teleport back to Zadash, finding Luc and Yeza at the Lodge of the Eclipse. A burlesque show is being performed, which Beau stays to enjoy. Jester and Yasha get ready for bed, discussing Molly and how weird this entire situation is. Jester points out that there are only two beds and Beau will be joining them later. Yasha offers to sleep on the floor, as she is comfortable there, but Jester implies that maybe. She and Beau. Could ‘shnuggle’. While Yasha likes the idea, she doesn’t know what Beau wants. Jester tells her that Beau is very into her but wants Yasha to make the first move.

However, Beau makes Yasha nervous and flustered. She’s wonderful and Yasha very much wants to kiss her, but sometimes that desire makes her feel guilty. Jester encourages her and tells her that if Beau makes her happy, then that’s something to be celebrated. Yasha agrees. She’s feeling more confident about it now, but wants to talk to Beau first. They write a poem for Beau together, for Yasha to recite later. When Beau comes to the room, the two awkwardly offer each other the bed until Beau finally takes it, though sleep doesn’t come easy.


In the morning, Veth talks to Yeza and disguises self as Vess DeRogna, asking if he knows her. He reacts in surprise, clearly upset by the visage. Vess was in charge of the project he worked on in Felderwin, overseeing his work with the beacon to distill dunamancy, though he didn’t understand the logistics. She never hurt him, but Yeza implies that she was very threatening and forceful, demanding of his time and his abilities. They completed the project but maybe don’t mention him to Vess. He also begs Veth to not kill her.

The Nein head to Pumat’s, finding him clearly exhausted and asking them for just 20 more minutes on the armor. Caduceus apologizes, telling him that the rush was an accident. Pumat asks them to let him know when they are contracted by the Assembly in the future – it will save him a lot of trouble. Once the armor is finished, Vess herself appears, having aided the Pumats in the enchantment to expedite the process. They profusely thank Pumat and Beau gives him 500 more gold for the rush job.

They quickly return to Rexxentrum and pick up their other commissions before sending Yeza and Luc back to Nicodranas by way of Yussa’s tower. The group checks in on Veth, who is glad that this arrangement allows her to see her family and stay with the Nein for the time being. Returning to Vess, she teleports them to a snowy landscape. This is the Crystal Sands Tundra, where rests Pale Bank Village, the northernmost civilization of Wildemount. The village is small but they’re only here to charter a ship to Eiselcross.


They select an icebreaker ship named The Midnight Hammer, captained by Captain Kem Liard. The trip should take between 7 to 12 days, depending on weather and the numerous dangers of sea travel. Fjord takes to the bow of the ship, praying to the Wildmother for safe passage. She speaks to him, showing him visions of the sea and asking if this path of freedom, to be like the ocean, is what he seeks. He confirms this desire and takes his Paladin Oath of the Open Seas.

On their first day of travel, Jester scries again on Molly, seeing him sitting in a cavern pensively staring at a fire. She and the Traveler talk about how changed he is, wondering if any of their Molly is still inside him. She could message him. But she’ll wait. Caduceus casts commune, asking if Cree is headed to their same destination (yes), if the Tombtakers are ahead of them (yes), and if Vess knows more about the group than she let on (unsure).

This first day also brings an ice sheet covered in the wreckage of a vessel. The Nein investigate this, finding five dead bodies, some bear pelts, and a scroll case containing the spell protection from aberrations. The second day brings an ice fog but the third is smooth sailing. The fourth includes another ice channel. So far they have traveled four days but the challenges have slowed their progress to a crawl. On the fifth day, a heavy arctic storm encompasses the ship. As the sleet builds, three chuul come on board, attacking.

As the Nein fend off the crustacean creatures, a deep scion sent by Uk’otoa arrives. The creature uses some sort of homing crystal, locating Caleb’s vault of amber. The amber necklace shatters, causing the Cloven Crystal (and a bunch of fireworks) to tumble to the deck. As this occurs, Fjord finds himself face to face with an undead, returned Avantika. She tries to toss him overboard but he pulls away as the two former frenemies face each other down.

That is it for Episode 112 of Critical Role!


  • Holy shit y’all Avantika is back! So terrifying and so exciting!
  • Protect the Cloven Crystal! Protect Fjord!
  • Who is inside Molly’s body? Is it Lucien? Nonagon? Or is it someone new?
  • What would Henry Crabgrass have to say about all this, I wonder?
  • Oh Mighty Nein.

Anyway, catch Episode 113 on Thursday, October 22nd at 7pm Pacific on or a week later on our podcast. Is it Thursday, yet?

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