The Secret Critter Sketch Book Project: Full Reveal

Written by on October 10, 2018

It all started in January 2016 when Critter Jason deBit, an amazing illustrator from New Hampshire, wanted to create a love letter to the Critical Role cast, crew, and community in the form of a sketch book.

Over the next two years, the sketch book would embark on an epic worldwide journey — making its first pit stop in Australia, and then went on to the UK, Canada, South America, and a other few places in between. The sketch book project was kept an absolute secret from both the cast and community and majority of the coordination of the project took place via Twitter DMs, which is an incredible feat.

The book made its way to here at Critical Role Land in June 2018, and even went missing for about two months in South America. After a serious amount of persistence, the book was found and sent on its way.

On behalf of everyone at Critical Role, we’d like to thank Jason and all of the participating artists for sharing their talents with all of us. We wanted to share the love right back by sharing the art within the book with the community. We love each and every one of you!

Our friend Kelly Knox also spoke with some of the sketch book artists earlier this year, and you can read her article here.

Check out Liam’s reveal during the announcements before C2E23 began and click through the gallery below to check out the sketch book in its entirely.



Friendly disclaimer: We transcribed art credits from the book itself and may have missed a few, so if you’d like a correction, please drop us a line through our contact form and we’ll fix it right away. Featured art above by Jason deBit.

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