SUPPLY LIST: Creating Realistic Dirt, Grime & Blood Effects / Stippling

Written by on November 6, 2019

Hey there. We hope that you enjoy the products that are recommended below and they yield many, many creative endeavors. The post below contains affiliate links and Critical Role may be compensated for promoting these products. Don’t forget to follow your art heart!

Welcome to our second miniature painting supply list for Mini Primetime, hosted by the incredibly-handsome Will Friedle.

Our second episode features Liam O’Brien learning how to convey character by creating realistic dirt, grime, corrosion and blood effects through a technique known as stippling. Make sure to watch the video embedded below to get the technique down.

To paint your own Caleb miniature like Ian Phillips of Iron Tusk Miniature Painting, you’ll need the following paints. You can pick up your own Mighty Nein miniature set, which includes Caleb Widogast, right now at or wherever Steamforged minis are sold.

And now, on to Ian’s suggested supply list!

Caleb Widogast painted by Ian at Iron Tusk Painting


Use your own judgement as to which brush will fit your needs. Everyone approaches mini painting differently. Ian suggests the Wargames Mega Brush set as they offer a wide variety of brushes (pretty much everything you’d need) in one set.

However, if you need a more affordable option, just make sure you have a brush for dry-brushing, a brush for detail work and a brush for highlights.


Mini painting handles are far from necessary for your mini painting needs, though some painters do find painting with them makes the hobby easier. Like almost everything involving mini painting, this is very much up to what works for you. Before purchasing one, it may be a good idea to visit your local hobby store and try one out before you buy one.

However, If you want to use the exact same mini painting handles as Ian and Will, they use either the Hobby Holder or the Citadel Painting handle.














Though we have a lot of paints listed here, we want to remind you to follow your art heart. The paints listed above are merely the ones we used, but this is your mini, so use whatever paints you would like.

Next week’s episode will feature the one and only Babs Tarr. Babs will learn how to work with a limited greyscale color palette in order to give your mini the illusion of dimension. She’ll be painting Ashley Johnson’s character, Yasha, our favorite flower-collecting barbarian.

Thank you to our first-time sponsor, Arsequeef GIF Emporium, for their fragrant support of this episode. Remember, “Arsequeef: it’s a funny name for an even funnier dude.”

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*This article was a collaboration with our dear friend and Mini Primetime writer, Matt Key.

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