The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey | Ashley’s One-Shot

When the last of humanity is in cryostasis on the Ark, it’s up to the intrepid crew of the Nautilus to ferry them to a fresh start on a new planet… If they can make it.

The Nautilus Ark takes inspiration from many sci-fi survival horror films, and as such, contains darker themes of isolation, body horror, and self-harm. Practice self-care and use your best judgment to step away if needed. Your health and well-being is important to us and Psycom has a great list of international mental health resources, in case it’s useful:

The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey is a homebrew mashup of Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games and Alien RPG by Free League with original goodness crafted by our team made special for this one-shot. Check the systems out below below:
Alien RPG:

Thank you to all of the incredible Kickstarter backers who unlocked this adventure as part of The Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter Campaign! For the latest updates on The Legend of Vox Machina, check out

Meet the Players!
Game Master Ashley Johnson
Taliesin Jaffe as Dr. Ramsey Wiser
Liam O’Brien as Forrest Coreman
Laura Bailey as Captain Seraphine Glass
Marisha Ray as Dr. Nomen L. Frenno
Travis Willingham as Gunnery Sergeant Cameron Garrett

Character & Thumbnail Art by Anna Grinenko
Miniature Painting by Ian Phillips
Miniature VFX by Jonathan Sims
Set Design & GM Screen by Flip This Bitch

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