Mighty Vibes Vol 4: Lofi Beats for Best Buddies to Listen To

Sit back and join these very best buddies to relax with the chill lofi beats and sweet animation of Mighty Vibes!

Animation by:
Kami Areopagita: https://twitter.com/karekareo​
Kevin Areopagita: https://ko-fi.com/kevareo​

Mighty Vibes Logo by Arsequeef: https://twitter.com/arsequeef​

Togna – Jobii
Magnets – [ocean jams]
Woodpeckers Bark – Guustavv
The Village Idiot – Justnormal
Orpington Buff – Jobii
Disque Magique – Dusty Decks
Refresh Hotel – new_CD
Eshazy – new_CD
Coffee Break – Gregory David
My Piano – new_CD
Swing Platter – Dusty Decks
Wind Pleasure Broker
getting there – Justnormal
Possum’ Popcorn – Guustavv
Soul Single Serenade – Dusty Decks
Perdula – Justnormal
Mint Conditions – Dusty Decks
When the Noise Settles – Dusty Decks
Froot Loops – Jobii
Taradiddle Paradiddle – Jobii

Grog samples provided by Travis Willingham
Pike samples provided by Ashley Johnson

Additional Sound Design and Music edited by Chris Willmott

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