Let’s Play Uk’otoa!

Find out where to buy Uk’otoa here: https://darringtonpress.com/ukotoa Witness the triumph, tribulations, and treachery of Uk’otoa in this Let’s Play with Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Travis Willingham!

Find Uk’otoa at Darrington Press Guild stores, other friendly local game stores in the US, and Critical Role online shops:
United States https://shop.critrole.com/products/ukotoa
United Kingdom https://shop.critrole.co.uk/products/ukotoa
Australia https://shop.critrole.com.au/products/ukotoa
Canada https://canada.critrole.com/products/ukotoa
Darrington Press Guild stores: https://darringtonpress.com/darrington-press-guild

To learn more about Uk’otoa, check out the full rulebook PDF and much more information at https://darringtonpress.com

Uk’otoa was created by:
Game Design: Jeb Havens
Game Art: Hannah Friederichs
Additional Game Design: Gabriel Hicks
Layout: Vee Hendro
Uk’otoa Sculpt: Niklas Norman
Sea Shanty: Written by Taliesin Jaffe and Dani Carr

The Uk’otoa miniature featured was painted by Ian Phillips of Iron Tusk Painting: https://www.instagram.com/irontuskpainting

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