Crafting a Mystery with Aabria Iyengar | Candela Obscura

The incredibly talented Aabria Iyengar discusses her unique process for how to run a mystery, how to collaborate with players, and how to incorporate the world of Candela Obscura using the Illuminated Worlds System.

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Candela Obscura is an ongoing monthly horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Leveraging gaming as a story mechanic, the series features the Candela Obscura tabletop roleplaying game from Darrington Press, which is built on the Illuminated Worlds system.

Aabria Iyengar as Gamemaster
Directed by Steve Failows
Edited by Will Lamborn
Produced by Maxwell James and Steve Failows
Game Design and Writing by Rowan Hall and Spenser Starke

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