NEWS: Update to Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese Critical Role Translated Captions

Written by on May 3, 2021

Hello, everyone!

Moving forward, we’re enlisting the assistance of translation software (the robot revolution is HERE!) to help us quickly and efficiently translate episodes of Critical Role in Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Translation captions in these four languages will be available when the Critical Role VOD is uploaded to our YouTube channel at 12pm Pacific on Mondays at the moment (and while Critical Role is currently pre-recorded).

Along with ensuring that brand new episodes have accurate translations quickly, we’re also working hard behind-the-scenes to provide translations in Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese from Campaign 2 Episode 20 on.

And now, a few caveats!

  • Currently, the ability to add live translated captions on our livestreams in multiple languages isn’t available, so live captions will remain in English.
  • The ability to add captions for multiple languages on VOD doesn’t exist on some platforms so if you rely on translated captions, the VOD on YouTube may be the best place for you to watch.
  • Our current focus is working through Critical Role’s Campaign 2 library (from C2E20 forward), but we hope to expand the amount of content with translations as we move along.
  • And, the same goes with adding in captions for other languages. We’re continuing to test new software as it becomes available but, as you can imagine, the bar we have set is quite high, as we want to ensure that anyone and everyone is able to enjoy our content easily and with accurate captions.

We also wanted to give a big, huge shout out (and many, many thanks) to the wonderful volunteers at CR Translate who have sent in language translations for much of our content over the years.

If you happen to see any translation or subtitle errors, please feel free to drop us a note through our contact form.

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