NEW SHOW ALERT: All Work No Play

Written by on September 21, 2018

All Work No Play launched as a podcast nearly six years ago. After a whopping 15 episodes (that’s 2.5 episodes per year on average), we’re thrilled to share the next iteration of the smash hit with you, coming to our Twitch and YouTube channels weekly.

Our very own Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien are best friends that have to make special plans to hang out due to their busy careers, fatherhood, and everything else in between. Each week, we’ll send Liam and Sam off on a special adventure — goat yoga, sword fighting, those kinds of things — and then they’ll meet back up at Critical Role Land to discuss their adventures, life, and anything else that may tickle their fancies.

All Work No Play will premiere Friday (September 28th) at 7pm Pacific at VOD is available immediately for Critical Role Twitch channel subscribers and will be available at at 10am Pacific on Sunday, September 30th. We’ll also release each episode as a podcast on Fridays (on a week delay from the initial Twitch broadcast).

PS — if you’d like a quick recap of the podcast, check out this amazing summary created by /u/Resvrgam2 on reddit right here AND you can check out old episodes of the podcast here.

9/27 edit: Added podcast distribution schedule.

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