FAN PROJECT: Critical Coloring

Written by on August 14, 2019

Every day, we’re completely stunned by the generosity and creativity of the Critter community and we wanted to share a very cool project–for a good cause–created with love by a group of amazing Critter artists.

Critical Coloring is a beautiful free-to-download coloring book comprised of some of the most cherished moments within our Vox Machina campaign. The coloring book contains 56 illustrations created by 23 artists from around the world, each ready for your own creative endeavors.

Olivia Hintz, Critical Coloring‘s original inventor, says that, “The group just came together. It was full-to-bursting with Critters, all of whom are super D&D nerds. It was glorious. Every single person involved has a genuine kindness and an amazing work ethic. Despite having life events, work stresses, and many other distractions, the Critical Coloring folks all put out pieces that were beyond the scope of what I had in mind. They were all absolutely incredible.”

The team behind Critical Coloring is encouraging Critters to consider a donation to to one of our favorite charities, The Pablove Foundation, which was created to help end childhood cancer through research and also positively impacting the lives of children with cancer through the arts.

Coloring page art by Elaine Ryan (@elaineryanart)

You can download Critical Coloring and also make a donation to Pablove right here and use the hashtags #criticalcoloring or #criticalcolor to share your own creations.

Also, be sure to show some love to the contributing artists in the gallery below. A special shout out to Olivia Hintz (@oliviahintz) and editors Diana Sousa (@DianaSousaArt) and Noora Nicola (@NooraNicola) for bringing this project to life.

Featured Keyleth coloring book art by Lyssa (@lalalyssh). 

Please note that this coloring book is NOT an official Critical Role product — we just think it’s bad ass.

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