FAN ART GALLERY: Counting Blessings

Written by on December 25, 2018


The holidays are often about looking back at the year and taking stock. We analyze our missteps, and count the blessings life has handed us. And this year, for me, the list of pros outweighs the cons. We’re wrapping the first year of our second campaign and while the path of the Mighty Nein could not be more different than that of Vox Machina, it has been no less rewarding. We’ve carried our story around the world, met amazing people, formed new friendships, strengthened old ones, and found magic together.

We’ve also looked for ways to express our gratitude. Playing this game, almost four years into the show now, is as great a joy as ever. But having so many stay with us that long, and to have so many more join in… We are truly thankful for this singular community that thrives year after year, laughing along with us and with each other. Thank you, Critters, across the globe.

And, as I personally wear the art cap in our little circle of nerdy ass voice actors, I wanted to take a moment to thank every artist who as ever devoted their time and creativity to our stories. Epic or humorous, grand or humble, your art over the years has been a gift. Thanks to the folks who jumped in to ready this treasure trove of love for the entire community. I know you all will love this collection as much as I do.

Thank you one and all. Und Fröhliche Weihnachten.





Featured header art by @domirine.

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