Current Programming Schedule (Updated May 25th, 2020)

Written by on March 23, 2020

Bidet, Critters.

We’re currently on a temporary hiatus from in-person productions (if you missed our announcement, you can check it out here). In the meantime, our incredible content team has put together a schedule of shows (produced from the safety of home) and rebroadcasts to help fill the void over at

We’ll be updating this schedule each week, so check back here on Mondays and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Programming Schedule

Please note that these broadcasts are only scheduled for the times listed below. 

Week of May 25th

AWNP: Unplugged with Matthew Mercer

Tuesday, May 26th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch – VOD on YouTube Thursday, May 28th

Friend-extraordinaires Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel return for another check-in with AWNP: Unplugged and are joined by our favorite sentient-haired wearer of vests, Matthew Mercer!

Narrative Telephone

Thursday, May 28th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch – VOD on YouTube Saturday, May 30th

An important update! Narrative Telephone will now air on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Liam O’Brien starts off an all-new round, which is sure to be filled with only flawless Zemnian accents. How much of the story will last through the entirety of the cast?

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