826LA Fundraiser: Calling All Bards!

Written by on April 23, 2018

We have joined forces with our longtime friends at 826LA to raise money for thousands of students across the Los Angeles. A very big thank you to everyone that has supported our campaign so far — Our community is truly incredible and your support has left us speechless.  We blew right past our initial goal of $40k in less than two weeks and have extended our campaign to include a very special $50k stretch goal.  At each $5k mini goal, we have unlocked special incentives for everyone!.

D&D Beyond and Wyrmwood have been incredible partners and they’ve provided two very cool incentives, which we have already unlocked!

  • Our friends at Wyrmwood Gaming are offering free shipping (US-only) and engraving (worldwide)! Use code critrolefreetextengraving at wyrmwoodgaming.com. This code is valid until 5/2/2018.
  • D&D Beyond is also offering a pretty sweet deal for Critters. Along with donating $100 per natural 1 rolled by the Mighty Nein, they also set up a special discount code. Use code 826LA to receive 25% off of the Legendary bundle (which contains ALL available digital content) at dndbeyond.com/marketplace. This code is valid until 6/20/2018.

Our friend and fellow Critter, Mark Koro, has offered to match all donations made up to our new goal $50k. This means that every dollar that you donate will double. As a reminder, many employers also offer matching donation programs so be sure to check with your workplace and see if they’d like to join our cause.

We believe very strongly that D&D and RPGs have the potential to unleash inner creativity and unlock imaginations everywhere. Along with our fundraising campaign, the cast of Critical Role, in conjunction with 826LA and an amazing set of volunteers ran a mini campaign with a brilliant group of 826LA students. There was a lot of chocolate, an amazing appearance as an ogre by our friend Darin DePaul, and much more. We wanted to give a quick shout out to Joel, Cheryl, Rachel, Miranda, and Pedro at 826LA and also our incredible volunteer team (pictured above — Mike J., Max M., Taylor S., Max K., and Alex R.) that made us feel right at home during our campaign.

Our Overwatch session on Geek & Sundry’s Game Engine will take place on Tuesday, May 22nd at 4pm Pacific on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel and Alpha. We’re still working on scheduling out Matthew’s fireside chat and NPC build  and the production crew AMA on reddit, so please check back here for more details soon.

To donate or to learn more about our campaign, please visit 826la.org/criticalrole. If you’re not able to donate, sharing our campaign with your friends and family is also an invaluable way to support 826LA.

Edited on 5/21 to add the date and time for the Overwatch session. 

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