Mighty Vibes Vol 6: Lofi Beats to Study with Your Twin to

You’re in luck! You still have a few hours left on your Exandria Online CD, so grab your favorite twin, crack open your textbook, and study to the chill tunes of Mighty Vibes!

This Mighty Vibes original aired on Friday, September 24th on https://twitch.tv/criticalrole

Corner Store – Gregory David
Cabana – [ocean jams]
Luv Beam – Rainman
Slapperoni Pizza – Jobii
Sunny Mornings – Justin Black & Oscar Hill
Donuts Milkshake – Rainman
Long Walks – Wes Pendleton
Cathartic – [ocean jams]
Cotching – Justin Black & Oscar Hill
Matcha Latte – Will Saulsky
Spring Daze – Wes Pendleton
Some Days Ago – Dylan Sitts
High Hopes – Justin Black & Oscar Hill
Oceans On The Moon – Frederick Kron
Sun Side – Wes Pendleton
Float City – Malcom Kirby Jr
Arizona Highway – Jason William Strong
Fall In Love – Justin Black & Oscar Hill
Find the Good – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
Luna Lushness – Rainman
Love Stoned – Rainman
We’re Loungin’ – David John Walker
Garden Route – Jason William Strong
Sunsets and Skylines – Will Saulsky
Sunset Sabi – Luke Gordon

Animation by:
Kami Areopagita: https://twitter.com/karekareo
Kevin Areopagita: https://ko-fi.com/kevareo

Additional Sound Design and Music Edited by Chris Willmott
Vex samples provided by Laura Bailey
Vax samples provided by Liam O’Brien

Mighty Vibes Logo by Arsequeef: https://twitter.com/arsequeef

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