Mighty Vibes Vol 5: Lofi Beats with a Light Breeze [Zephrah Radio]

Take a short rest from your Aramente with the chill tunes and relaxing animation of Mighty Vibes!

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Animation by Lap Pun Cheung: https://twitter.com/lappuncheung
Keyleth samples provided by Marisha Ray
Additional Sound Design and Music edited by Chris Willmott


Fuchsia Badusha – Jobii
Fuji Island – Gregory David
Canyon Drive – Gregory David
I’m Still Listening – Justnormal
Ring Wear Saga – Dusty Decks
Sand Under My Feet – Guustavv
Failed Effort – Guustavv
Zone In – Daniel Fridell
Blue Purple – Guustavv
Captiva – Jobii
Those Melancholy – Justnormal
Fall Love – UPM
Animal Crackers – Justnormal
Shleepy – Timothy Infinite
Tinted – UPM
Trouble in Paradise – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
Aerials – Guustavv
Linearity – Jobii
Allergy Season – Guustavv
Dusk – UPM

Mighty Vibes Logo by Arsequeef: https://twitter.com/arsequeef

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