Mighty Vibes Vol. 3: Chill Tunes to Drink Tea/Meditate To

Need to study some herbal remedies, catch up on some reading, chat with the Wildmother, or just relax? Chill out with Mighty Vibes and enjoy a carefully curated playlist of acoustic tunes to help put your mind at ease.

Animation by Kami (https://twitter.com/karekareo) and Kevin Areopagita (https://ko-fi.com/kevareo).
Mighty Vibes Logo by Arsequeef: https://twitter.com/arsequeef

Reflexions – Joseph Beg
Sylvania – Pontoon
Beyond Words – Many Moons Ago
Dust In The Sun – Kim Aspen
Camino Solo – Gabriel Lewis
Floating – Kim Aspen
Blue Tune – Miki Miller
In Between Silence – Kim Aspen
Labyrinths – Ciaran Delany
Marshes of Harmony – Cora Zea
Mont Blanc – Martin Gauffin
Readers – Ciaran Delany
Norah’s Doorstep – Kim Aspen
Shallow Oceans – Kim Aspen
Hanalei Rain – Miki Miller
Kuhio Highway – Miki Miller
Keones Bluff – Miki Miller

Blue tune, Hanalei Rain, Kuhio Highway and Keones Bluff composed, arranged, and performed by Miki Miller.

Tracks by Miki Miller available here https://mikimiller.bandcamp.com

Tracks by Pontoon available here: https://pontoon3.bandcamp.com/track/sylvania

Caduceus samples provided by Taliesin Jaffe

Additional Sound Design and Music Edited by Chris Willmott

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