Creating Characters for Candela Obscura: The Crimson Mirror

Get a behind the scenes look at the character creation session for Candela Obscura: The Circle of The Crimson Mirror!

Guided by game master Liam O’Brien, players Aimee Carrero, Imari Williams, Alexander Ward, Taliesin Jaffe, and Katy O’Brian select their roles, choose their specialties, and forge their chapter relationships using the Illuminated Worlds System.
(Due to a scheduling conflict, the phenomenal Katy O’Brian was not able to join us for the actual investigation.)

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Candela Obscura is an ongoing monthly horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back against a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Leveraging gaming as a story mechanic, the series features the Candela Obscura tabletop roleplaying game from Darrington Press, which is built on the Illuminated Worlds system.

Candela Obscura: The Circle of The Crimson Mirror stars Aimee Carrero, Imari Williams, Alexander Ward, and Taliesin Jaffe alongside our Gamemaster, Liam O’Brien.
Originally Created by Taliesin Jaffe and Chris Lockey
Game Design and Writing by Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall
Directed by Steve Failows
Produced by Maxwell James and Steve Failows

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