Mighty Vibes Vol 2: Chill Tunes to Study/Transcribe Magic To

Need to study some betrayer gods, catch up on some reading, learn some new spells, or just relax? Chill out with Mighty Vibes and enjoy a carefully curated playlist of tunes to help put your mind at ease. For more relaxed vibes, check out ChilledCow, whose videos inspired us to do our own version.

Animation by Kami (https://twitter.com/karekareo) and Kevin Areopagita (https://ko-fi.com/kevareo).
Mighty Vibes Logo by Arsequeef: https://twitter.com/arsequeef

Alone on a Swan in LA – Pandaraps
Salt Lamp – Jobii
Animal Hug – Giants’ Nest
Brunch – Jobii
Classical Antiquity – Jobii
Euphoric – Iso Indies
Slow Boat – Giants’ Nest
The Wait Is Over – Matt Large
Tiny Things – Giants’ Nest
Marble Ink – Giant’s Nest
Malachite – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
Conundrums – Pandaraps
You Always Do – Catch Harrington & Jed Jay Joseph
Aloe Vera – Sarah The Illstrumentalist
Brew – Jobii
Indigo Sky – Zack Andrews
Groovetube – Pontoon
Jazzy Rhodes – Pontoon
Warbles – Pontoon

Tracks by Pontoon available here: https://pontoon3.bandcamp.com

Caleb samples provided by Liam O’Brien

Beauregard samples provided by Marisha Ray

Additional Sound Design and Music Edited by Chris Willmott

Special thanks to Katja from Deutsch für Euch! for the Zemnian tutelage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsYMk_FCTGBxmwKFiCynFwg

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