Mighty Vibes Vol 1: Lo-fi Beats to Doodle To

Need to study, catch up on some reading, or just need a moment to relax? Come hang out with us for Mighty Vibes and enjoy a carefully curated playlist of chill tunes to help put your mind at ease. For more relaxed vibes, check out ChilledCow, whose videos inspired us to do our own version.

Animation by Kami (@karekareo) and Kevin Areopagita (ko-fi.com/kevareo).
Mighty Vibes Logo by @arsequeef

Bright Oceans – Smartface
Too Tired – Smartface
Imaginary Friends – oomiee
Ocean Breeze – Timothy Infinite
Easy Feet – Smartface
Asparuhgus – Guustavv
Hotel Traveller – Michael Keeps
Unwoke – Jackson Hamish Almond
Green Ether – Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong
Head in the Clouds – Ea Akilat
Soft Focus City – Sam Stewart
DJ Retreat – Dominic Michael Kennedy
Tell Me About it – Jason Pedder & Douglas Brown
Try or Die – Jason Pedder & Douglas Brown
Study Time – Jed Jay Joseph & Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong
Scar Face 5 – Jason Pedder & Douglas Brown
Chilli Trippin – Martin Felix Kaczmarski & Alex Arcoleo
City Struttin – Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Pink Smoke – Ea Akilat

Jester Samples Provided by Laura Bailey

Additional Sound Design and Music Edited by Chris Willmott

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