Let’s Play Queen by Midnight!

Princesses Aimee Carrero, Aabria Iyengar, Laura Bailey, and Taliesin Jaffe fight to become Queen by Midnight alongside our illustrious Midnight Crier and game designer Kyle Shire!

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Producer – Kyle Shire
Director of Photography – Michael Schmidt
Queen By Midnight Music Theme -– Colm McGuinness
Gaffer – Rob Auld Wright
Production Sound – Chris Willmott
Production Coordinator – Jeremiah Rivas
Key Production Assistant – Jared Deiro
Production Assistant – Carley Stelchen
Editing and Motion Graphics – Max Schapiro
Art – Clara Daly, Ameera Sheikh, Mike Pape & Michal Ivan
3D Animation – Christian Brown
Re-Recording Mixer – Chris Willmott
Assistant Editor – Taylor Burke
Colorist: Peter Koocheradis
Post Production Supervisor – Tal Levitas
Creative Director – Marisha Ray
Head of Production – Vinnie Singh

Queen by Midnight Creative Team
Creation and Design: Kyle Shire
Additional Design: Alex Uboldi
Graphic Design: Matt Paquette & Co.
Art: Ameera Sheikh, Michal Ivan and Mike Pape
Editing: Travis D. Hill, Donald Behne, Darcy Ross and Kaitlyn Money
Playtest Coordinating: Hank Finnin
Cultural Consultation: Christine Sandquist and James Mendez Hodes

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