Candela Obscura Chapter 2 | Official Trailer

Check out the official trailer for Chapter 2 of Candela Obscura! The fight against the otherworldly evils plaguing The Fairelands shall continue with a new three episode chapter that includes a new circle, a new gamemaster, and a whole new set of magickal foes.

Chapter 2 will premiere on August 31st at 7pm Pacific on Twitch, YouTube, and in Cinemark Theatres! Buy your tickets here:
The rest of the arc will continue on the last Thursday of each month livestreamed only on Twitch and YouTube. Podcast and VOD will be available two weeks after its initial broadcast.

Candela Obscura is an ongoing horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. Leveraging improv and gaming as story mechanics, the series features the Candela Obscura game, which is run on the Illuminated Worlds System, both created by Critical Role’s publishing company, Darrington Press.

This chapter of Candela Obscura will include investigators Travis Willingham, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Zehra Fazal, Luis Carazo, and Marisha Ray, alongside our Gamemaster and lead designer for Candela Obscura, Spenser Starke. Taliesin Jaffe will also be returning to continue his role as our Lightkeeper.

Download and play the Quickstart Guide for Candela Obscura at

Candela Obscura was originally created by Taliesin Jaffe and Chris Lockey, with Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall serving as lead designers and writers. Steve Failows serves as our director and co-produced this project alongside Maxwell James.

Music by Colm McGuinness

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