Programming Schedule: Week of July 25, 2022

Written by on July 25, 2022

Check back here at each Monday and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for each week’s programming schedule.

Programming Schedule

Please note the following.

SDCC Panel Recording – VOD

  • VOD will be available via YouTube on Thursday, July 28th at 10am Pacific.
  • Our Critical Role cast went to San Diego Comic-Con! Check out our 1-hour Q&A style panel from last Saturday that was moderated by the incredible Christian Navarro.

No New Broadcasts This Week! 

  • As a reminder, we take the last Thursday of every month off from our typical Campaign 3 adventures. Some months, we’ll air a one-shot or something new! Other months, we’ll take a short rest. This week, we’ll be taking that short rest so we hope you too can enjoy some extra downtime or get caught up on Campaign 3!
  • We will return with Critical Role: Campaign 3, Episode 29 on August 4th!
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