Mortal Kombat 1 One-Shot | Sindel Vs. The Realms

September 26, 2023

Thank you to WB Games for sponsoring this one-shot!

Gamemaster Marisha Ray leads a Mortal Kombat themed smackdown with players Sam Riegel, Noshir Dalal, Travis Willingham, and Gina Darling using Till The Last Gasp by Darrington Press!

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Overlay Graphic Design by Bryan Weiss

Till the Last Gap CREATIVE TEAM
Created By: Will Hindmarch
Additional Design: Alex Roberts
Producer: Alex Uboldi
Writing By: Alex Roberts, Meredith Katz, and Austin Taylor
Editor: Meredith Katz
Scenarios By: Austin Taylor
Graphic Design: Stephanie Gottesman
Illustration: Arka Tu, Daryna Kyrychenko, and Idamaria Pajala
Cover Art: Arka Tu
Cultural Consultant: James Mendez Hodes

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