Crash Pandas

Critical Role March 8, 2019

Thanks to generous Critter donations to the Pablove Foundation, game master Sam Riegel takes his friends on the ride of their lives in Grant Showitt’s Crash Pandas! Join (most of) the Critical Role gang with special guest Blair Herter in this hilarious one-shot that originally aired live on Friday, September 22nd on the Critical Role Twitch channel at:

To help fight pediatric cancer with a donation to the Pablove Foundation, visit:

Campaign 1: Vox Machina and Campaign 2: Mighty Nein (through episode C2E51) podcasts can be found through the Geek & Sundry podcast network (on PodbeaniTunes, and Google Play Music).

Starting with C2E52, Campaign 2: Mighty Nein can be found through the Critical Role podcast network. You can find the new podcast links though the Podcast section of ourwebsite and the podcast can also be found via PodbeaniTunesGoogle Play Music, and Spotify.

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