(Campaign 2, EP1-EP51) Mighty Nein Podcast

Critical Role January 22, 2019

Episodes of the second campaign, The Mighty Nein.

Campaign 2, EP1 Curious Beginnings
Campaign 2, EP2 A Show of Scrutiny
Campaign 2, EP3 The Midnight Chase
Campaign 2, EP4 Disparate Pieces
Campaign 2, EP5 The Open Road
Campaign 2, EP6 The Howling Mines
Campaign 2, EP7 Hush
Campaign 2, EP8 The Gates of Zadash
Campaign 2, EP9 Steam and Conversation
Campaign 2, EP10 Waste and Webs
Campaign 2, EP11 Zemnian Nights
Campaign 2, EP12 Midnight Espionage
Campaign 2, EP13 Lost & Found
Campaign 2, EP14 Fleeting Memories
Campaign 2, EP15 Where The River Goes
Campaign 2, EP16 A Favor In Kind
Campaign 2, EP17 Harvest Close
Campaign 2, EP18 Whispers of War
Campaign 2, EP19 The Gentleman’s Path
(Campaign 2, EP20) Labenda Awaits
(Campaign 2, EP21) Stalker in the Swamp
(Campaign 2, EP22) Lost Treasures
(Campaign 2, EP23) Have Bird, Will Travel
(Campaign 2, EP24) The Hour of Honor
(Campaign 2, EP25) Diverging Paths
(Campaign 2, EP26) Found and Lost
(Campaign 2, EP27) Converging Fury
(Campaign 2, EP28) Within the Nest
(Campaign 2, EP29) The Stalking Nightmare
(Campaign 2, EP30) The Journey Home
(Campaign 2, EP31) Commerce & Chaos
(Campaign 2, EP32) Beyond the Boundaries
(Campaign 2, EP33) The Ruby and the Sapphire
(Campaign 2, EP34) Encroaching Waters
(Campaign 2, EP35) Dockside Diplomacy
(Campaign 2, EP36) Oh Captain, Who’s Captain?
(Campaign 2, EP37) Dangerous Liaisons
(Campaign 2, EP38) Welcome to the Jungle
(Campaign 2, EP39) Temple of the False Serpent
(Campaign 2, EP40) Dubious Pursuits
(Campaign 2, EP41) A Pirate’s Life For Me
(Campaign 2, EP42) A Hole In A Plan
(Campaign 2, EP43) In Hot Water
(Campaign 2, EP44) The Diver’s Grave
(Campaign 2, EP45) The Stowaway
(Campaign 2, EP46) A Storm of Memories
(Campaign 2, EP47) The Second Seal
(Campaign 2, EP48) Homeward Bound
(Campaign 2, EP49) A Game of Names
(Campaign 2, EP50) The Endless Burrows
(Campaign 2, EP51) Xhorhas

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