Adrienne Cho is the Product Design & Development Manager at Critical Role. She has spent her life on the move, growing up in Korea, Japan, and Canada before moving to Seattle to start her career in licensing and merchandising. Moving to Los Angeles to work at Critical Role is her latest and greatest adventure, and […]

Niki Chi is a Licensing Coordinator at Critical Role. Before finding her home here, Niki worked at a curriculum and assessment company in New York City. When she first joined the Critical Role team, Niki was an Online Operations Coordinator. Now, she spends most of her time collaborating with partners to develop one of a […]

Diana Jeanne Calalo is the Operations Manager at Critical Role, where she instills business solutions and facilitates market expansion initiative. She has previously worked in ecommerce startup, CPG global distribution, fast-fashion, and multi-line retail industries. Diana’s career trajectory and specialization centers on the development and implementation of aligning corporate and supply chain strategy, sustainably, in […]

Nadia was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and received her degree at Temple University with a double major in Human Resources and Marketing. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Nadia went off to fulfill her dreams in the fashion apparel industry and moved to New York City. She worked for Everlast Worldwide, the global leader […]

Sarah Marie Campbell is the Financial Controller at Critical Role. Previously, she was the Chief Financial Officer of Sapphos Environmental, Inc. Sarah Marie has worked in corporate finance and strategic services for over 15 years and across several industries. Ms. Campbell also sits on the board for Families Forward Learning Center, a dual-generation literacy program […]

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