HYPE: D&D Beyond Extension on Twitch!

Written by on February 28, 2019

Bidet, Critters! We’re excited to announce that Critical Role will now be utilizing the official D&D Beyond Twitch extension — starting this week!

The D&D Beyond Twitch Extension is an interactive addition to your stream overlay that displays on-demand character stats and status details from our friends at D&D Beyond. You can watch along as hit points are updated and active conditions appear on the screen IN REAL TIME, and click to view character summaries or full digital character sheets on D&D Beyond (but don’t worry, we’ve taken steps to hide all of the super secret spoilery stuff).

Did we mention real-time changes? As the cast members update their hit points, add conditions, and equip new items, you’ll be able to see these changes on the stream in real time.

On-demand character info! You get to cycle through the display of information about the player characters on your own terms. Just scroll your mouse pointer on top of the overlay and click on any character to see their stats, skills, and more.

Please note: the D&D Beyond Twitch extension is only available to view while watching live in a web browser. The extension is currently activated and available on Twitch, so be sure to check it out when Critical Role airs live — Thursday nights at 7pm Pacific on twitch.tv/criticalrole!

To activate the D&D Beyond Interactive Overlay extension from your desktop, simply click the D&D Beyond logo at the bottom of your video viewer and check the “Visible” box within the extension window.

A Few Other Details:

  • Twitch apps such as mobile / console / Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc. are not currently supported.
  • The extension is a live-only enhancement and will not appear on Twitch or YouTube VOD.

For assistance installing the official D&D Beyond Twitch extension — or if you’d like to use the extension on your own stream — visit features.dndbeyond.com/twitch-extension.

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