HYPE: Check out the Mighty Nein’s Official Winter Looks by Ariana Orner!

Written by on December 3, 2020

**Minor spoilers below for Campaign 2, Episode 110 and beyond regarding leveling up and character design included below.**

To prepare themselves for a journey into the frozen lands of Eiselcross, the Mighty Nein dedicated a significant amount of time to Travis Willingham’s favorite D&D pastime — shopping! They dropped some serious coin (while being extraordinarily good tippers) and emerged several episodes later with beautifully crafted and ultra-specific outfits, ready to journey into the unknown.

Our official Campaign 2 artist Ariana Orner (@ornerine) has returned to level up the Mighty Nein character designs, working closely with the Critical Role cast to get everything just right. We are ever so excited to share the shiny, official Mighty Nein character art with you!

As you can see, the Mighty Nein are well-prepared for this frozen journey, with a beautiful Eiselcross background, and oh yeah those nine red eyes, wonder what that’s all about… I’m sure it’s fine… ANYWAY…

Thank you so much Ariana for sharing your beautiful art with us and keeping our beloved Mighty Nein heroically hot… uh… warm!


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