“The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice” is coming to Theaters!

Cinemark Theatres (US) and Cineplex Theatres (CA)

Event info
Date: October 26, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cinemark Theatres (US) and Cineplex Theatres (CA)

Our London Live Show, “The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice,” is coming up on October 25th and we can’t wait to bring these unsung heroes to the stage. Though we have already sold out of arena tickets, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be showing the live event IN THEATERS the very next day on Thursday October 26th at 7pm local time! Now you’ll be able to enjoy the live show energy together on the big screen and join the Mighty Nein on this new adventure.

In the wake of the chaos after the Apogee Solstice, the Mighty Nein join forces yet again to deal with the rolling dangers suddenly unleashed.

Check out a Cinemark Theatre in the United States or a Cineplex Theatre in Canada and join Game Master Matthew Mercer, alongside players  Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, and Liam O’Brien as they step back into their roles as The Mighty Nein.

If you’re not able to make a theatre showing near you, don’t fret! You’ll of course be able to catch the show on our Twitch & YouTube channels the same night, October 26th at 7pm Pacific. We will also have a YouTube VOD available the following Monday (October 30th) as well as a podcast version available one week following (November 2nd).

We’re so excited to bring this chaotic crew back to the table and we hope to see you there!

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