Critical Role

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Join Taliesin for another jaunt through the lore of our cosmic horror one-shot with a closer look at the physical props.

Keeper of Arcane Lore Taliesin Jaffe takes us on a virtual tour of the setting and printed peripherals of our cosmic horror one-shot.

Keeper of Arcane Lore Taliesin offers his personal insight into the cast and characters of our cosmic horror one-shot.

Everything you need to know about our comic book series with Dark Horse!

Closed captions are coming your way live!

We’re excited to provide an update regarding the closed captioning of Critical Role, the status of the CR Transcript team, and more.

New comics! Trade paperbacks! New art book!

Featuring realtime character updates!

A very important announcement.

New shows, our holiday programming schedule, and live show and art show updates!

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