Art by Kit Buss

Vex’ahlia is an archer as famous for her skills at haggling as those with her bow and arrows. Though she projects an air of bold and effortless self-confidence, inwardly, Vex struggles with feelings of unworthiness. Deeply frugal, Vex keeps track of the party’s expenses and haggles with every shopkeeper she meets. Some attribute this to greed, but she has a deep fear of winding up back in poverty and uses wealth as a shield against judgment. Vex’ahlia is deeply loyal to her friends, none more so than her twin brother, Vax’ildan. Her skills as an archer and a hunter are unparalleled in the battlefield, and her winks and persuasion are sure to charm any shopkeep. And if charm fails, the huge and adorable bear named Trinket that is never far from her side can always help intimidate any who try to cross her.

Vex’ahlia's first appearance


Laura Bailey is the creator of Vex (and Trinket, of course, as well as an award-winning voice actor whose career spans decades. 

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