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Lore, insight, curiosity, and chaos… Dive into Critical Role’s monthly talk show! 4-Sided Dive features a roundtable discussion between four guests with a signature Critical Role twist. At the top of each episode, guests let the roll of the dice decide who will take on the role of Tavern Keeper (a sort of quasi-host?) and thus steer the show with absolutely no preparation. In addition to discussing the campaign and characters, party games and chaos will be sprinkled in. Fan questions will also be pulled from the Tower of Inquiry, a “Chenga” tower that yields serious consequences when it all comes crashing down.

4-Sided Dive airs the first Tuesday of every month, premiering April 5th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube. VODs of 4-Sided Dive will be available on YouTube the Wednesday following the broadcast and a podcast version of the show will be available on a one-week delay.

Critters can submit evergreen questions about the Bells Hells campaign at critrole.com/tower

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