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Brittany Walloch-Key is the Director of Events for Critical Role and the Director of Retail Partnerships for Darrington Press. After spending 12 years in the service industry (tip your bartenders, folks!) she began to pursue her dream of producing live events. Since then, she has been lucky enough to work with the Academy for Interactive […]

Ivan Van Norman is the Head of Darrington Press, Critical Role’s game publishing company. Ivan has been producing tabletop games and media content for 10 years, as a co-owner of Hunters Entertainment (Alice is Missing, Altered Carbon, Outbreak: Undead), as well as consultant to many other companies, including Wizards of the Coast, and Hersch Games […]

Darcy L. Ross is the Marketing Manager of Darrington Press. She hails from the city of Chicago and the worlds of snail science, tabletop RPG publishing, and community building. Previously, she welcomed new and experienced RPG players with open arms as the Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games. She has worked with ConTessa to […]

Spenser Starke is a Game Designer for Darrington Press, best known for the Ennie and Indiecade Award-Winning game Alice Is Missing. His previous work includes Kids on Brooms (the game used to power Dimension20’s Misfits and Magic) as well as Icarus, the Ennie-Nominated storytelling game about how great civilizations fall. Before joining the Critical Role […]

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