FREE DOWNLOADS: Modern Mighty Nein Wallpapers by Lap Pun Cheung

Written by on June 6, 2021

Hey Critters,

We are so grateful to everyone who joined us to journey alongside the Mighty Nein for Campaign 2. Our Campaign 2 Wrap Up will air Thursday, June 17th at 7pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube, with the cast discussing every arc of the Mighty Nein campaign while answering questions, roundtable style. If you miss the stream, you can catch the VOD on YouTube Monday, June 21st.

To celebrate the conclusion of the Mighty Nein’s adventures, we worked with the brilliant Lap Pun Cheung to transport the Mighty Nein to another world, enjoying a nice peaceful afternoon together in a modern cafe. The wallpaper was created in multiple formats that can be used as desktop wallpapers. You can download the files below.

Be sure to let the page fully load before saving the image to your computer or mobile device.



16 x 9



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