[LIVE SHOW] Critical Role presents Candela Obscura LIVE on May 25th

The United Theater on Broadway [Los Angeles]

Event info
Date: May 25, 2024
Time: 4:45 pm
Location: The United Theater on Broadway
Address: 929 S Broadway Los Angeles
Phone: 213-235-9614
Website: https://www.theunitedtheater.com/

Critical Role presents Candela Obscura LIVE
SATURDAY, MAY 25th 2024

Witness the Fairelands come to life May 25th for an immersive Candela Obscura LIVE SHOW at The United Theater on Broadway in Los Angeles!
Come dressed in your best Newfaire attire for a special one-shot assignment led by Game Master Spenser Starke alongside players Matthew Mercer, Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, and Khary Payton with the inimitable Taliesin Jaffe serving as our Master of Ceremonies.

Read on to uncover everything you need to know about this otherworldly event!


What’s Candela Obscura?

For the uninitiated, Candela Obscura is an investigative horror tabletop roleplaying game from Darrington Press and the latest actual play series from Critical Role. This anthology series follows an esoteric order of investigators set in a fictional turn-of-the-century inspired region known as The Fairelands, a place of terrifying magick, each episode begins with an inciting incident prompting a circle of investigators to uncover and solve the mystery at hand – if they can survive, that is.


When is the Candela Obscura Live Show?

Our first-ever Candela Obscura Live Show will take place on May 25th at The United Theater on Broadway in Los Angeles, California!

The United Theater on Broadway
929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Where Can You Get Tickets?

Tickets are available now at AXS!

VIP ticket holders will get to watch a 75-min character creation process and the formation of the evenings Candela Obscura circle ahead of the main show – meaning the preparation and performance of this assignment will all be LIVE in front of the audience that very day. You’ll of course also receive the best seats in the house. Here is a quick breakdown of the prices so that you can prepare ahead of time!

VIP seats: $250 – $300

Standard seats: $75 – $100

5/15/2024 Update: New standard tickets are available AND you can get $25 off a ticket with code “NEWFAIRE” from now to 5/25/2024. Learn more here


Event Schedule

On Saturday, May 25th:

4:45PM – VIP Doors Open
5:30PM – VIP Pre-Show
6:45PM – All Doors Open
8:00PM – Main Show
10:00PM – Intermission (20 Minutes)
12:00AM – End of Show


And never fear! Any investigators unable to attend in person can watch a livestream of the Candela Obscura Live Show on our Twitch and YouTube channels Thursday, May 30th at 7pm Pacific! The VOD will be available on Monday, June 3rd.


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