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Chris Lockey is the social & content producer at Critical Role. He is a writer, filmmaker and occultist who hails from the black woods of the North Carolina badlands. Lockey began playing D&D at the impressionable age of 11-years old, and has been in search of high adventure ever since. He currently lives in Los Angeles […]

Dani Carr is the Production Coordinator at Critical Role, Segment Producer of Talks Machina, and the host/writer of Critical Recap. Previously, she was the Production Coordinator at Geek & Sundry. She was also the Interim Musical Arts Coordinator at Rhodes College. But, since the inception of Critical Role, Dani has been a Critter, and isn’t […]

Adrienne Cho is the Project Manager of Consumer Products and Licensing at Critical Role. She has spent her life on the move, growing up in Korea, Japan, and Canada before moving to Seattle to start her career in licensing and merchandising. Moving to Los Angeles to work at Critical Role is her latest and greatest […]

Christina Farber is the Marketing Coordinator at Critical Role. Previously, they served as the Online Operations Coordinator before being lured away to the Marketing team. Prior to joining in on the fun at Critical Role Land, they worked in the rock climbing world, first running the climbing gym at their university and then as a […]

Steve Failows is a producer at Critical Role involved in the development and execution of most all programming on the channel. Before joining the team at Critical Role Land, Steve was directing short form branded content for Maker Studios, gaming content for Polaris and feel good shows for Soulpancake, with a focus on human connection. […]

Kyle Shire is a producer at Critical Role. In the past, he worked as a producer for Machinima Studios and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. While attending Columbia College Chicago’s Television Program, he discovered his three greatest passions: writing, comedy and D&D. Kyle spent 10 years working on terrible reality shows by day and doing stand […]

Surena Marie is the Marketing & Community Manager at Critical Role. She has worked within the gaming space for over four years, wearing many assorted hats (voice talent, writer, illustrator) before making her way to sunny Los Angeles. Previously, she was a cast member on official D&D Twitch stream Rivals of Waterdeep (where she played […]

Stephanie Benjamin is an Online Operations Coordinator at Critical Role. Originally from the Bay Area, Stephanie has since found a home in Los Angeles. After college, she aspired to enter the legal field but quickly realized that was not her calling. Instead, she went on to work in the retail industry as a merchandise planner. […]

Niki Chi is an Online Operations Coordinator. Before finding her home at Critical Role, Niki worked at a curriculum and assessment company in New York City. When she’s not providing back-end support for the team, Niki spends most of her time working on creative art projects and being followed around by her mini Aussie Cashew […]

Tal Levitas is the Post Production Supervisor for Critical Role. Prior to joining Critical Role he worked as a freelance editor at Maker Studios, Buzzfeed, Disney, and other digital media companies. Tal grew up in Maryland and graduated college from UMBC. When he’s not post production supervising video content for Critical Role, he can be […]

Before starting at Critical Role as an editor, Will worked in the film industry for many years and in many different capacities. He has worked with several companies in the industry, including IBM, Disney, Maker Studios, SoulPancake, and National Geographic. When not focused on editing, Will also writes and directs. He also plays dodgeball (which […]

Diana Jeanne Calalo is the Operations Manager at Critical Role, where she instills business solutions and facilitates market expansion initiative. She has previously worked in ecommerce startup, CPG global distribution, fast-fashion, and multi-line retail industries. Diana’s career trajectory and specialization centers on the development and implementation of aligning corporate and supply chain strategy, sustainably, in […]

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