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Vinnie Singh is the Head of Production for Critical Role.  He has worked in digital video since YouTube was almost exclusively cat videos and Twitch was just a twinkle in your eye.  He previously produced for companies such as Maker Studios, Buzzfeed, and the Walt Disney Company. Vinnie specializes in producing for brands on the […]

Brittany Walloch-Key is an event coordinator, professional geek, and cat enthusiast.  It was difficult for her to find a head shot in which she wasn't in costume, which says a lot about what she likes to do with her spare time. She's been working behind-the-scenes in the event industry for years and becoming the Director of Events for Critical Role is a literal dream come true. If you see her in the wild, be sure to give her a hug. If you have a cat, also be sure to tell her about your cat.

Aaron Monroy is the Art Director at Critical Role. Before joining our merry band he was an Art Director at a multi-cultural advertising agency, where he worked on brands such as Honda, Dole, Jack in the Box, and more. After a successful 8-year multi-award-winning career in advertising, Aaron came to Critical Role newly inspired to […]

Maxwell James is the Senior Producer at Critical Role. Previously he worked at Legendary Digital Networks and freelanced as a producer for music videos, commercials, and sketches. In his early life he was a touring musician and bartender. He originally went to college to be a 2nd grade teacher, but dropped out and left his […]

Chris Lockey is the social & content producer at Critical Role. He is a writer, filmmaker and occultist who hails from the black woods of the North Carolina badlands. Lockey began playing D&D at the impressionable age of 11-years old, and has been in search of high adventure ever since. He currently lives in Los Angeles […]

Dani Carr is the Production Coordinator at Critical Role, and Segment Producer of Talks Machina. She is also the host and writer of Critical Recap. Previously, she was the Production Coordinator at Geek & Sundry. She was also the Interim Musical Arts Coordinator at Rhodes College. But, since the inception of Critical Role, Dani has […]

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