State of the Role: Twitch Subs & New Shows!

Written by on September 10, 2018

When we announced some of the changes coming to Critical Role earlier this year, we promised to keep you all informed of all of the amazing things that are happening here in Critical Role Land. Today, we’re happy to share some exciting updates with you!


Subscriptions to our Twitch channel are live! Benefits of subscribing to our Twitch channel at the $4.99 level include:

  • Instant access to VODs for our upcoming shows, including Between the Sheets and All Work No Play (more about these shows below!). And, don’t worry — all of our new shows will be uploaded to our YouTube channel about 36 hours after they initially air on Twitch.
  • Access to the official custom emote set and subscriber badges, designed by our beloved Critter Arsequeef
  • Ability to post links in Twitch chat

If you subscribe at the $9.99 level, you’ll receive an extra emote and receive all of the benefits listed above. Those that subscribe at the $24.99 per month level will receive an yet another additional emote.

Don’t forget — if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have one free Twitch subscription that you can use each month. Check out Twitch’s FAQ for more information on how to link your accounts.

Important note: If you’d like to continue to watch Critical Role over the weekend or Talks Machina VODs, you will need to remain subscribed to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel or Alpha.



Between the Sheets is an intimate, one-on-one interview show where host Brian W. Foster sits down for a handcrafted cocktail and candid conversation. Featuring a brand new guest each week, Brian dives deep into the stories behind the storytellers. Season 1 features the cast of Critical Role — exploring their humble beginnings and the road that led them to the present-day, what inspired them to create the types of characters they play, roleplaying within a dynamic group environment, the fine art of improv, and much, much more. At the end of each episode, Brian will teach the audience how to make the signature cocktail he and his guest hand-selected for their interview.

Between the Sheets will premiere on Monday, September 17th at 7pm Pacific at VOD is available immediately for Critical Role Twitch channel subscribers and will be available at at 10am Pacific on Wednesday, September 19th and via podcast on Monday, September 24th. Read more about Between The Sheets and watch the trailer here.


It all started from a podcast that was maybe updated once or twice a year by Critical Role’s Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel. These hot dads work so much that they have to schedule out their play time, and this time, they’ve invited us to come along for the ride. Join us each week as we send Sam and Liam off on a special (but weird) BFF field trip.

All Work No Play will premiere on Friday, September 28th at 7pm Pacific at VOD is available immediately for Critical Role Twitch channel subscribers. VOD will be available at at 10am Pacific on Sunday, September 30th.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Critterverse at large for all of the love, support, and well-wishes as we continue on this crazy adventure together. Your patience and positivity is felt here at CR Land and we appreciate every single one of you. We’ll have more fun announcements to share soon, so keep an eye out!

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