Vinnie Singh

Vinnie Singh is the Head of Production for Critical Role.  He has worked in digital video since YouTube was almost exclusively cat videos and Twitch was just a twinkle in your eye.  He previously produced for companies such as Maker Studios, Buzzfeed, and the Walt Disney Company.

Vinnie specializes in producing for brands on the cutting edge of new media, with a special emphasis on content that blurs the line between gaming, storytelling, and interactive.

Vinnie spends his free time being woken up at sunrise by his children and attempting to schedule D&D sessions with his other dad friends.  He’s currently playing an eight year-old Firbolg ranger named Gimmi who is a member of the Lil’ Paladins scouting troupe.

Profile art by the lovely and very talented Critter artist Meg (@Megzilla87).

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