Max Schapiro

Max Schapiro is an editor for Critical Role who specializes in motion graphics and VFX work. A native of suburban New England, Max moved to Los Angeles to attend college at Loyola Marymount University and to pursue a career in film directing. After realizing directing brought him as much joy as eating a bowl of sand, Max rerouted his passive hobby of editing meme videos into a full-fledged editing career that brings him nearly endless joy and provides him with a constantly rewarding creative outlet.

Outside of Critical Role, Max is known for being physically and emotionally incapable of taking absolutely anything even remotely seriously, including professional self-bio writing. His interests include Nintendo games and complaining about them to a Twitter following of tens, basing his entire self-worth off the year-to-year performance of the New England Patriots professional football team, flooding the official Critical Role work chat with niche memes, the occasional re-watch of the 2014 film Whiplash, and probably nothing else.

Profile art by the lovely and very talented Critter artist Meg (@Megzilla87).

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