Dani Carr

Dani Carr is the Production Coordinator at Critical Role, and Segment Producer of Talks Machina. She is also the host and writer of Critical Recap. Previously, she was the Production Coordinator at Geek & Sundry. She was also the Interim Musical Arts Coordinator at Rhodes College. But, since the inception of Critical Role, Dani has been a Critter, and isn’t that the most important thing?
Dani’s main roles at CR are keeping productions and people organized and moving forward. Dubbed the “studio mom,” Dani works to make sure that all the cogs in the production clock run smoothly to ensure success. Also, have you been drinking water? Drink some water and have a snack.
Proudly hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Dani is also an aspiring voice actress and has a deep love for comic books (especially one John Constantine – don’t ask about him unless you want your ear talked off), Fullmetal Alchemist, Hozier, and well, Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons. Her first D&D character was a Half-Elf Ranger with a wolf companion.
Profile art by the lovely and very talented Critter artist Meg (@Megzilla87).

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