Brittany Walloch-Key

Brittany Walloch-Key is the Director of Events for Critical Role and the Director of Retail Partnerships for Darrington Press. After spending 12 years in the service industry (tip your bartenders, folks!) she began to pursue her dream of producing live events. Since then, she has been lucky enough to work with the Academy for Interactive Arts and Sciences, Disney’s Gravity Falls, Wizard World, and now Critical Role.

Her work with Darrington Press includes running the Darrington Press Guild, which highlights and works with exceptional Friendly Local Game Stores that are making a difference in their local communities.

Her other passions include her two cats Hawkeye and Raymond, playing pinball, watching horrible B movies, cats, traveling with her lovely husband, tending to her garden, reading Berserk manga, and cats.

You can follow Brittany on Twitter at @BWalloch.

Profile art by the lovely and very talented Critter artist Meg (@Megzilla87).

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