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Brian W. Foster is a writer, poet, and singer/songwriter born in Long Beach, CA. He is the author of Blackened White, a series of short stories and poetry published in 2012. His first EP of original music titled Odessa was released the following year. In 2016, Brian was approached by the cast of Critical Role to create and host a companion after-show for their weekly Dungeons & Dragons game, streamed live on Twitch. The show, Talks Machina, launched in November of 2016 and continues airing every Tuesday night. Critical Role has yet to comment on whether they regret their decision, but all signs point to probably.

Brian has appeared at several conventions and events across the country, moderating panels and Q&As for Critical Role, as well as rapper Logic. As of early 2018, Brian is presently working on his second book, a new music album, as well as a secretive project with Logic and Rick & Morty creator/writer Dan Harmon. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, actor and Critical Role cast member Ashley Johnson, and their two dogs, Henry and Sully.

Follow Brian on Twitter at @brianwfoster.

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