Aaron Monroy

Aaron Monroy is the Art Director at Critical Role. Before joining our merry band he was an Art Director at a multi-cultural advertising agency, where he worked on brands such as Honda, Dole, Jack in the Box, and more. After a successful 8-year multi-award-winning career in advertising, Aaron came to Critical Role newly inspired to get back to what he loves most… Design!

A design nerd through and through Aaron believes in the all-mighty power of Helvetica, whitespace and a clean desktop. Developing an interest in creativity in general at an early age, Aaron not only started drawing and painting, but also showed interest in playing music and writing as well. Emo bands and Ghostbuster spec scripts aside, Aaron loves solving creative problems, and interjecting a sense of humor into everything he does.

Ideal D&D character? A wizard who is also a standup comedian. Why? Why not!

Profile art by the lovely and very talented Critter artist Meg (@Megzilla87).

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